A Dream Trip to New York Fashion Week


It was nothing but a dream when we got together to plan our trip to New York Fashion Week this past September, and then suddenly our dream was becoming a reality when we arrived – thanks to the help we received at Expedia.ca and Airbnb. Our team consisted of a multitude of Vancouver-ite talent: Meagan of LivingBoldly.ca brought her sharp business mind, Sabrina and Jeremy of StreetScout.me brought there mad street style photography skills, and Cristina of Fluent Productions made the whole thing run smoothly with her coordination.

I can honestly say that I've never been so impressed by a city when it comes to fashion, ever. I've been to New York before, but something magical happens here during fashion week. From watching the most incredible fashion shows I've ever seen to scouting for the most AMAZING street style to perusing NYC with some of my favorite people, I have to say... New York Fashion Week was a dream trip come true!

A big thanks to the team of Streetscout.me for their amazing work on putting together this video from our trip - enjoy!