6 Beauty Resolutions for 2016


We're all busy setting our resolutions for 2016, and because I've come up with so many, I figured I'd separate and categorize for the greatest effect. Before I start making my list and checking it twice, come with me to discuss one area of life all of us ladies already place a hefty amount of time and energy: beauty!

My six beauty resolutions of 2016

1. Have pretty hands


First and foremost, let me address the issue of having pretty hands, as I'm sure I'm not the only female suffering to obtain this ideal. My stumpy and brittle nails have been a source of ongoing embarrassment and displeasure for nearly my entire life. Combine that with a nervous nail-biting habit and you have some downright ugly, unpresentable paws.

Finding myself attending networking events and meeting more and more people lately, I realized how important it is to have pretty hands and manicured nails to make a positive first impression and feel your most confident. And though most nail-techs will advise against it, I recently made a decision that has changed life as I know it, and will continue to do so throughout 2016: I started getting Shellac manicures done every two to three weeks, and now suddenly, I have beautiful hands! My nail salon of choice is Joyride in Kitsilano (where you can also order from their wonderful menu of coffee and nibble on a delicious, complementary macaron).

2. Have beautiful, healthy hair


Healthy hair wasn't something I really had to worry too much about, up until a couple years ago when I developed a serious fear of cutting my ends. I won't go into the details of how this trauma came to be, but let me just say this: it's much better to show your hair stylist how much you want to chop then to just rely on the accurate interpretation of relative measurements. I digress.

One of my most serious resolutions for 2016 is to curb this fear, and I could not be more relieved to have found Jessica Viel at Hype Hair, who gave me a light 'dusting' without massacring my ends along with a beautiful touch up on my highlights and a shine-infusing gloss treatment. So this is where I'll be every 6-8 weeks. Just a light dusting!

As for the styling, I'm still a big fan of Moroccan Oil or more frequently Argan Oil (both of which you can use as an oil treatment on your scalp before washing) as well as the natural wavy look I've mastered with my XO Styling Iron.

3. Stop eating carbs before bed

My guilty pleasure? Eating carbs before bed. And while most would be concerned about the effects this would have on one's body, I've personally noticed the toll this bad habit has been taking on my skin: I'm leaving waking up with a puffy face and even puffier under eyes in 2015, right where it belongs. And to help with the next resolution, I'll be drinking plenty of water and taking collagen-boosting vitamin C on the reg.

4. Have glowing, youthful skin


Ever since I noticed my first undereye wrinkle at age 20 (what did I know), I've been completely obsessed with skincare. But, now that I'm screaming past my mid-twenties, there are some things I've realized needed to be revamped in my skincare regime. Adding a age-defying serum between my cleanse and moisturize stages was one, along with the necessity to up my exfoliation game, particularly in the winter months.

Having a strange combination of oily and sensitive skin, finding the right skincare products hasn't been easy, but I rest my case with three favorites: Philosophy (Renewed Hope in a Jar moisturizer, Time in a Bottle serum, and Purity Made Simple cleanser), Dr. Obagi's ZO Skin Health (Offects exfoliating polish from the Vanity Lab), and Riversol.

I've also made a commitment to myself, and my well-deserving skin, to have a visit with my skin therapist, Amanda, at her practice Glow Dermal Therapy every 2 to 3 months for a refreshing facial. Amanda is like the skin whisperer: she can tell what you've been eating or doing that's been damaging your skin with a quick peek. Highly recommended!

5. Have identical twin sister eyebrows

As a beauty genius once said: "Eyebrows should be identical twins, not sisters." Quite frankly, though, getting to the wonderful point of having symmetrical eyebrows is no easy journey, particularly when stunted by pre-teen plucking gone wrong and two incidental stitches leaving a hairless eyebrow scar to perpetually fill in. I've worked really hard on my eyebrows this year, reaching for the twin sister ideal that (honestly) completely transforms one's appearance.

And I'm getting closer! By avoiding waxing or threading of any kind. I took matters into my own hands with infrequent plucking and have experimented with plenty of eyebrow pencils and powders. My new fav routine for fabulous eyebrow game? I define the outside of my brows with Sephora's rectractable eyebrow pencil and then fill in using Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. 

6. Have voluptuous lashes


And last but certainly not least, my most exciting beauty resolution for 2016 is: having voluptuous lash extensions every few months, yipee! I particularly love having lash extensions when I go on a sunny vacay, so I treated myself to a voluptuous set of lashes (by the wonderful Emily) at Noir Lash Lounge in Yaletown before I jet off to Antigua to officially say hello to 2016. While I prefer to take a break after about a month of having lash extensions, I love how easy and quick they suddenly make my getting ready routine. I'd recommend going for a medium-length, natural lash with a cat eye effect.

Well, there you have it: six beauty resolutions for 2016 that I feel will make me look younger and more refreshed than I did when I started this year out, void of beauty resolutions all together. And, I certainly hope they will do the same for you!

Happy New Year, beautiful!