5 Skin Secrets to Replace Botox


"Oh, you got botox? But you're only 25..." "Yeah, but it's preventative."

We've heard it all before: but the reality is, there are better ways to prevent your skin from aging than injecting toxins into your face at a premature age. While botox is all the rage right now, making it mainstream, it completely scares the crap out of me and I don't agree with it – at least not for my face. I once filmed a video for a past client during which a patient was given botox and I nearly fainted. As much as botox is viewed as glamorous it is far from that. They stick needles in your face and inject a toxin that temporarily paralyzes you. It's fucking gross.

What is botox, really?

So what is botox, actually? It's medical name is botulinum toxin, because it is a neurotoxic protein which comes from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. The scariest part? If infected with this bacterium in the natural way, the host develops a disease called botulism, a fatal illness which characteristically turns the patient into a zombie – first affecting the muscles of the face.

Of course, botox is successfully used for a variety of medical conditions and relieves pain for many patients, which is great. But voluntarily injecting this poison into your face for vanity?

I don't judge anyone who chooses to go this route, I just can't. So here are my 5 skin secrets to replace the necessity for botox.

5 skin secrets to replace botox

  1. Use a patting motion to apply your moisturizer, day and night. Yes, moisturizer should be applied to clean skin morning and night. But instead of just rubbing it all over your face, use a patting motion which helps push the product deeper into your skin – otherwise, most of the product ends up in your hands.
  2. Use a cleansing oil to balance and hydrate. A lot of cleansers strip the skin of its natural oils and leave it dry and unbalanced. I've recently started using the Transformative Cleansing Oil from Rocky Mountain Soap (all natural!) and I love it. It might seem odd, but oil fixes over-oiliness and balances the skin perfectly, while removing your makeup and prepping your skin for bedtime during which the majority of your cell turnover takes place.
  3. Exfoliate your skin twice per week. For a long time, I didn't understand the purpose of exfoliating and I didn't particularly like how my skin felt after doing so, so I just didn't. But here's why you must: without exfoliation, the stratum corneum of your skin (the outermost layer) thickens and becomes dry and illustrious, blocking your fancy and often expensive products from actually reaching the lower layers of your skin where they're needed most and ultimately rendering them useless. I use Aloe Vera Smoothing Face Polish and it is a dream!
  4. Use your ring finger to apply eye cream. The pad of your ring finger is typically the plumpest, which is why you should use this finger to apply your eye cream – day and night – with a patting motion. Do not rub your eye cream in as this stretches and disrupts the gentle skin around your eyes and ultimately causes more wrinkles. PAT!
  5. Wear daily sun coverage. A lot of people I talk to get botox for their forehead lines, but with the right skincare routine paired with a daily sun protectant, you shouldn't be looking at botox before the age of at least 30. The sun is the number one cause of premature aging to the skin, and you need to protect it daily, even during cloudy winter months. My favourite way to do so easily is with Jane Iredale mineral makeup, which acts as a physical sunblock. Alternatively, you can add a face-specific sunblock to your face after your moisturizer has dried.

If you're looking to up your skincare game, you should really go all-natural, too. I've recently switched to an all-natural skincare regime with Rocky Mountain Soap and it's just a nice feeling to know you aren't putting parabens and other potentially harmful ingredients on your skin.

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