5 Reasons Photography Leads to Self-Improvement


It's amazing to me just how many people are superb photographers nowadays. I'm consistently in awe, even just when scrolling through my Instagram feed, at the beautiful images self-taught and hobby photographers are taking. I've loved photography for years, but have only started to grasp it and improve my own self taught skills over the past two. Having travelled abroad for a while, I started to realize all the ways that photography leads to self-improvement.

And here are my top 5, which are also great reasons you should really by a DSLR, like right now.

1. It forces you to find the beauty in everythingWalking on the sea wall in Vancouver with my camera and my trench coat. With a photographer's eye, you'll be searching for the beauty everywhere – even when you're in your natural surroundings. And guess what? You'll find it everywhere, too.

2. It makes you more alert and aware

Holding my vintage Nikon camera with my trench coat and coach bag Knowing that a beautiful moment could happen at anytime, you'll be more alert and aware as to what's going on around you - one finger ready to pull the trigger (or press the shutter).

3. It makes you more eager to explore

Eager to explore with my vintage Nikon camera in Vancouver

A big part of my solo travels were fuelled by my love of photography. With my camera in my hands, I never felt bored and hardly ever felt lonely, no matter how alone or far away I was. Photography is a wonderful hobby and companion for any traveler.

4. It fuels a desire to live in the moment

Holding Nikon camera

You begin to realize that the most incredible, memorable moments are the candid ones. The ones that aren't expected or anticipated. If you're lucky, you'll have captured them on camera, but regardless, you'll live for those ever-fleeting moments where you feel more present than ever.

5. It makes you more positiveIn English Bay, Vancouver taking pictures in my Trench Coat

All things considered, and all aforementioned combined, I'm convinced that photography actually makes you (and me!) a more positive person. It's like the ultimate best friend to always be with you on this journey of life, which, in the end, is really just a journey of self-improvement.

Develop on, my friend.

Develop on. 



What I'm wearing: Trench: Everlane Watch: Triwa Top: Bench Bag: Coach Ring: OhKuol