3 Days in Montreal


Montreal is a city I've wanted to visit for a long, long time. But with flights being pretty high to fly from Vancouver to Montreal, I always decided a trip to Europe was a bit more enticing. Finally, I made it though, albeit only for three days, and it was certainly worth it. I still found a way to ensure I saw the biggest attractions in Montreal; our stay at Omni Mont Royal made it so easy to see the city, being so central and offering such a great view of Mont Royal.

Here are my tips for your 3 days in Montreal.


Presidential Suite at the Omni Mont Royal in Montreal

By all means, definitely consider a stay with Omni Mont Royal! This is a great hotel located in downtown Montreal within walking distance to Mont Royal as well as many shops and restaurants. We even enjoyed an hour-long walk from our hotel to Old Montreal a couple of times, and if you're in the mood, there's a Car2go parking lot just around the corner.

The buffet breakfast was incredible, and the staff were friendly and knowledgable about the city, giving us recommendations in the area that turned out to be fabulous. The on-site spa, EQlib, was a convenient + great spot for some much-needed relaxation. On a hot Montreal day, the rooftop pool was by far my favourite amenity at the hotel!


Having coffee at the Omni Mont Royal in Montreal

You're bound to eat so many poutines during your trip to Montreal; it's just a must! But, if you're interested in trying some other cuisines, I'd recommend a trip out to the Plateau area to eat at a Japanese restaurant called RYU. As a Vancouverite, my standards for Japanese food and seafood in general are pretty high, so I was actually surprised at how much I loved RYU. The food was authentic and mouth-watering, and the staff were incredibly friendly. Well-worth a cab, long walk, or Uber from the Omni Mont Royal.


The Notre-Dame cathedral in Montreal

Old Montreal architecture


There are, of course, lots of different experiences to be had when visiting Montreal. Even if you have just 3 days in Montreal, be sure to at least check out the following attractions.

Old Montreal: This is the Montreal you've been dreaming of. An absolute must-see, walk through the cobblestone streets, grab an ice cream cone, or perhaps sit on one of the many patios to enjoy a cold beer and take in the beautiful, European architecture and bustling yet quaint vibe.

The Old Port of Montreal: We walked to the Old Port on the first day, and I fell asleep in the grass as my friends went on a paddle boat ride. Needless to say, we made a second trip back so I could really enjoy it!

Mount Royal: Mostly we just enjoyed the view of Mount Royal from our Presidential Suite at the Omni Mont Royal, but we DID attempt to climb it at one point. After 10 days of travel, though, we didn't make it to the top out of pure exhaustion. Take your energy bar with you and your most comfortable shoes!

Notre-Dame Basilica: You won't miss this if you make it into Old Montreal. Although we didn't get a chance to see the inside, we heard it's really beautiful. It was great to just sit in the square and look up at the beautiful building (while avoiding the temptation to dip my feet in the fountain and cool off!).

Saint Catherine Street: A great street for shopping, dancing, and going out for drinks or dinner, I'd recommend a stroll down Saint Catherine Street in downtown Montreal.

A pink wall in Montreal

La Fontaine Park in Montreal


Exploring Old Montreal

My favorite part of Montreal? The nightlife, dancing, and music! Definitely ahead of the west coast when it comes to entertainment, the restaurants turn into nightclubs as the late hours roll in and the music is very European and way ahead of our top 40's hits in Vancouver. I literally could not stop myself from dancing! My favorite restaurants-turned-clubs were Flyjin and Soisbous.

There you have it! I hope these tips help you to have an incredible 3 days in Montreal!

PS. If you missed my Montreal video, you can watch it here.