2017 Beauty


2017 is going to the best – and the most beautiful – yet, I just know it. Now that I'm getting older (I will be turning 27 this year, yikes!) I know it's time to start paying more attention to my beauty regime, particularly for the long-haul, long-term benefits albeit of course reaping the short-term as well. Interested in revolutionizing your beauty routine for 2017 as well? Take a look at my 2017 beauty resolutions for the best beauty tips I've yet to discover.



BBL Treatment at 8 West Cosmetic in Vancouver

  • BBL (Broad Band Light) Laser Treatments: Earlier this year, I discovered a new skin treatment that was completely foreign to me but immediately got me hooked. Called a BBL, short for Broad Band Light, this laser treatment works wonders on erasing aging (like sunspots, wrinkles, and poor skin tone/texture) from the skin in just one visit with zero downtime. Plus, this treatment is highly researched. One study showed no aging (or aging backwards) after a ten year period in people who had 2 BBL's per year without any additional skincare treatments. I get my BBL laser treatments at 8 West Cosmetic in Vancouver by the wonderful Suzanne. Highly recommended!
  • Better, regular exfoliation: Now that I've been learning more about the skin, I understand the important of regular exfoliation. Without regular exfoliating, the outermost layer of your skin called the stratum corneum gets thick and impenetrable to your moisturizers and skincare products, rendering them useless and leaving your skin dry, dull, and uneven. Often a lack of exfoliation is the cause of acne, poor skin texture, large pores, and uneven skin tone.  I plan to get deep exfoliations on the regular with my new True Glow sonic cleanser from Conair.
  • Daily SPF: Yes, I'm definitely going to take the plunge into wearing daily SPF to avoid those sun spots and wrinkling – did you know the sun is responsible for the majority of signs of aging in the skin? – and I've discovered a wonderful way to do so without too much extra effort. I stumbled upon Image Skincare's Daily Protection matte moisturizer with 32+ SPF and fell in love. It creates a wonderful, matte base for your makeup, smells great, and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. It's available at 8 West Cosmetic as well.


Latisse from Joyviva.com

  • Boosting the natural lashes: I'm saying goodbye to lash extensions for 2017, not because I think they suck, I actually quite enjoyed the short-term benefits of having them. But the long-term downfalls, such as having essentially bald lashes afterwards, were enough to turn me away. I've discovered a solution for having long, thick natural lashes in Latisse, which I plan to start using in early 2017. I'll get back to you guys with my progress there!


Pillow Proof thermal protectant by Redken

  • More regular cut/color: Split ends and dull color are so a thing of my early twenties, pre-2017. This year, I'm committing to a visit to my colorist for a fresh cut and color every three months. I don't think it's indulgent at all; I think it's just necessary to have fresh, healthy and shiny locks. PS. My favourite colorist is Taleda at Eccotique Salon on West 4th.
  • Thermal protectant: While I'm the biggest fan of a ton of hair products, I do realize I could step it up on the thermal protectant, to help with my boycotting of split-ends for 2017. I've recently picked up Pillow Proof by Redken and not only is it protecting my hair from thermal damage, it has also taken off 5-10 minutes from my blow dry time. Highly recommend!


Butter London Topcoat

  • Going natural: I'm also going natural here, and I kind of have to take back one of my 2016 beauty resolutions, which was to get shellac manicures every 2 weeks. I almost made it through the year, except I found difficulties when traveling (it's hard to find a good shellac-ist on the go) and then I realized that I wasn't giving my natural nails a chance to become healthy and luscious in their own right. So, in 2017, I'm going to make a solid effort to have beautiful natural nails, and I'm going to give myself my own manicures. One discovery that my friend introduced me to that I know is going to help is arguably the best topcoat in the world: UV Shine Topcoat by Butter London.

There you have it! A few simple tips and adjustments to your skin, lashes, hair, and nails that are bound to bring me (and you!) the most beautiful year yet. Bring it on, 2017!