Will Vero Be Our Hero?

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I don't know about you, but I for one am super excited about the possibilities presented by Vero. This new social media app, which deems itself "true social" might just be exactly what we've been vying for as consumers and businesses relying on the power of social media – and up until now – being restricted by it.

Why we need Vero to be our hero

I have a very long story with Instagram, and unfortunately, it's kind of a sad one. My distaste for Instagram has grown stronger and stronger over the years, and albeit having a large following there close to the 50K mark, I just don't find the connection real. It's far from what it once was.

Here are some of the reasons why we need Vero (or another kickass platform!) to be our hero:

  • We are tired of seeing ads. Everything is promoted now, and it's annoying. From a business standpoint, it's incredibly difficult to reach your audience in an organic way, and from a consumer standpoint, the pushy paid ads just aren't resonating. From a combined, influencer perspective, our content is getting totally over-run.

  • We want chronological! I really miss the old Instagram days when I used to be able to scroll through my feed and know that I got all the updates from my friends, family, and acquaintances. Now I just see annoying things that I don't care about from a small handful of people... and basically nothing I do care about! 

  • We want to be able to connect in a more authentic way. Instagram stories and Snapchat do a pretty good job of encouraging authentic content, but I find these platforms to be way too needy and time consuming to actually live a life where you're present EVER if you want to be successful with them. I'm just not willing to spend several hours a day on Instagram stories, taking away from moments of opportunity to connect in real life. We need a platform that encourages real content but doesn't require so much attention that it starts negatively impacting the real connections we experience.

  • We want substance. Instagram influencers are everywhere, but we don't know anything about them. I'm a little jaded from being an Instagram influencer myself. I'm hardworking, I run my own business, and coming from a writing background, I also try to product unique content that offers substance for people's lives. However, I do see about a million influencers simply posting pretty selfies and having a lot more success in terms of likes, engagement, and following. I think we are in need of a platform that isn't built on emotions like greed, envy, and materialism, and one that offers substance and positivity to enhance people's lives. I think it is time we start honouring those in our society who work hard, have strong values, and have the boldness and generosity to be sharing it online.

If you want to read more about why Vero could be a blessing for businesses on social media, read this blog post we wrote on Studio Media's blog.

What do you think about Vero? What problems do you think it could solve?

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