About alexa

Before starting my digital marketing agency, Studio Media, I built my personal brand in Vancouver through my fashion and lifestyle blog. This was the perfect medium for launching myself into the world of digital marketing, and brought me countless opportunities to work with brands while growing my personal following to nearly 75K.

I started getting my business chops at 21 when I got my real estate license, selling homes for nearly 2 years, and quickly realizing I wanted a more creative business. Turning to my creative love of writing, I began my freelance writing career, travelled the world, and began understanding blogging and digital marketing; upon my return back to Vancouver, however, I knew freelance writing wouldn't be profitable enough for the long-term. 

I began working as a digital marketing consultant for primarily local, female-owned small businesses, not realizing exactly where this path would lead me.

After many entrepreneurial stepping stones, including an attempted launch of my own clothing line – production costs killed that one – I'm now happy to say that I have a business I'm absolutely in love with.

At Studio Media, I am humbled to work with brilliant business owners and entrepreneurs to make their digital dreams a reality. And I love being able to share my passions of business and personal growth while connecting with you here.